Check the stats of 5 best wicket-keepers in the world

Being a wicket-keeper is a crucial position in any cricket game. The wicket-keeper protects the byes and even takes catches & gets batsmen out using stumping. However, they are valuable for guiding ballers about where to ball. They are close to the batsman and can give them an edge in checking things.

Some of the influential players in the cricket teams are wicket keepers. If you want to learn about the five best wicket-keepers of the world, here’s elucidating the stats. Let’s not waste further time and read on about the best wicketkeeper in the world.

#1 Mark Boucher (South Africa)

So, Mark Bouncer tops the list with 467 matches and 998 dismissals. He gets crossed as the greatest wicket-keeper in the whole world. This South African player had played around 467 matches in their whole career and had around 998 dismissals to his name. Boucher has been undoubtedly a safe and behind the stumps, and the player’s contribution to the team is irreplaceable.

With an epoch of players such as Tim Paine, Rishabh Pant, and Quinton De Kock, players like the ones will always be a source of inspiration for the entire youth.

#2 Adam Gilchrist

The Australian Cricket team has produced quite a lot of legendary cricketers in history. However, there are not many who are so much influential as Adam Gilchrist. Or let’s just say that he has been a prominent player amongst his teammates Gilly.

Gilchrist was the unbelievable explosive batsman and happened to be one of the safe hands in the whole world. As of now, he has played around 396 matches in his international career and has 905 dismissals attributed to the name. Overall, Gilchrist comes behind Bouncer on the list.

#3 MS Dhoni (India)

The list only contains one Indian name, and that’s none other than MS Dhoni. He is probably one of India’s most respected and biggest names. Mahendra Singh Dhoni gets remembered differently by different individuals. Some of them remember him as the one and only captain to win the ICC Trophies, while others remember him as the explosive finisher.

However, one thing everyone can agree on is that he is undoubtedly one of the greatest wicket-keepers in the country. With 829 dismissals in around 538 matches, MS Dhoni stands at the number three position for his best wicket-keeping skills.

#4 Kumara Sangakkara (Sri Lanka)

The next name on this list is Kumar Sangakkara. Well, Kumar Sangakkara happens to be one of the great cricketers to ever exist in the history of cricket. He has earned international runs & centuries and proved his overall worth in wicket keeping.

Sangakkara is known as the legend of the game who has played 594 international matches in his international career. And he is known as one of the most prominent wicket-keepers of all time. Today, he stands number one on the list with 678 dismissals to the name.

#5 Ian Healy (Australia)

So, Healy is the number five player who belongs to the Australian team. This wicket keeper has a great skill of spinning. In fact, Shane Warne was referred to as the great Wicket Keeper he had ever seen. Making his debut in the year 1998 and playing until 1999, Healy was the very first wicket-keeper to have more than 600 dismissals to his name.

As a matter of fact, he did it in less than three hundred international matches with 628 dismissals in 287. For a longer time, no one would break the record. Adam Gilchrist has more dismissals when compared to Healy.


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